Automatic Intensity Control of Street Light

Automatic intensity control of street light

A Street light gets on during nights and gets switched off at mornings. But still they are manually operated. By use of the said technology, the sensors mounted on the street lights detect the intensity of light and switch ON/OFF the street light automatically. For example, its 6PM but still its bright light in one place, while at other place at 5PM it starts going dark. Suppose if the automatic timer is set at 6PM at both the places, both the place gets misused of lights. The place where light is still bright gets unnecessary wastage of electricity by switching ON at 6PM, whereas the place where it’s actually needed at 5PM, they had to wait till 6PM. So all get messed up!
Thus, instead of timer based automatic system, this uses light intensity based on surroundings. Thus, if it detects that light is fading, it switches the lights ON only when natural light falls below certain intensity. The intensity of the street light can be also controlled automatically using Automatic intensity control of street light based on the input of natural light. A micro-controller based project, very effective in saving lots of electricity and actually helping the street light management a great deal.

Its Have a Two Version.
1.)Automatic Intensity Control Of Street Light


2.)Automatic Street Light System (Light/Timer)