Smart Geyser

Smart Geyser

Power Devices such as Geyser, Heater etc. had been common from long time now. We had geysers and heaters the heat the water during cold weather. Now such heating devices have become fully automated with the advent of technology. Gone are the days when we used to ON the geyser and wait the time till water gets heated and then carefully torn off the geyser and during leaking walls, on which geysers are placed on, worry as the entire wall gets current due to geyser short circuiting. Now all these geyser related worries are a thing of past now, as we have SMART GEYSER systems available.
Now you can switch on your geyser by just a click of remote/Mobile/RF. For example, you just need to press the remote/Mobile/RF and turn on and off your geyser the same way you turn off your television. You can configure a set time for SMART geyser that it automatically turns on itself once it receives signal in form of IR/Mobile/RF. It can be turned off in similar manner.
No need to get up and involve in button pressing at geyser panel. Geysers can be placed anywhere in the bathroom and you just need to press the remote/Mobile/RF to turn it ON and OFF.
Geysers have really become automatic by use of Infrared Systems that eases much of our inconveniences.
Haven’t technology made our lives much smart? Smart Geyser is one such example.

Its Have Three Types,
1.Smart Geyser Using IR


2.Smart Geyser Using Mobile


3.Smart Geyser Using RF