Smart Luggage Bag

Smart luggage bag

Suppose in case of you are travelling, this system is a safety security during journey when someone tries to snatch the bag away from you and tries to run away with the bag without your prior notice.
For example, you have kept the bag somewhere and the intruder is masking in all the possibilities to run away with your bag once your attention misfires.
The security of the bag will not be a worry now with the implementation of these systems in your smart bag. The alarm will also be attached if anyone you don’t recognize tries to run away with your bag.
In such a scenario, whenever any other unauthorized person tries to run away with your bag without your notice, you will notify via various mediums that you configure. There is also an alarm which will catch your attention once your bag has been taken away without notice. So now your bag has become smart. Smart Luggage Bag- as what we at TechElex call it!